Here are some ‘exciting’ screen shots that I took during my editing

Media Coverage: Subtly twisting the facts

Dawn sent me the ABC News video about the Unification Church and her brother’s blessing ceremony. One of the videos is called Rare Access to the Secretive Religion of Unificationists and Arranged Weddings, which I immediately find very strange as I happen to know that on one hand the religion’s members are easy ‘access’, and on the other hand the religion is in no way ‘secretive’, if only not very well known. This annoys me as I can already see the ways in which ABC News is manipulating people into perceiving the religion negatively before they even know anything about it as well as alienating people who don’t belong to it from it.

The language use in the videos is exactly what I’ve wanted to avoid and get away from as I’m trying to portray the normal and human side of the  religion. I hope I can do this and counteract some of the ways the media portrays it.

The Second video is actually about Dawn’s brother himself and the woman he was matched with in the run up to the blessing ceremony.


Interesting links to past interviews done by my interviewees

I decided to do a google search on the Hartelys, one of the couples I interviewed during my filming at the Bromley Church Service. I was interested to find two links to other interviews or articles they had done.

I found Edward Hartley giving an interview on the “Defining Moment” website where he talks about his near death experience: http://www.definingmoment.eu/euro-defining-moment-shows/index-139.html

And an article by Patricia Hartley about her experience during the first years of her involvement within the Church: http://www.tparents.org/library/unification/talks/hartley/Hartley-900600.htm

After watching and reading both I saw many similarities with what they had told me in my interview with them, such as the spiritual aspects of their beliefs.

Make-Shift Cameras

In one of the Visual Anthropology seminars we had to make our own cameras by hand. Was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed the creative aspect. I made mine out of a PG Tips box and used the flap at the top as a ‘flash’ which was my favourite part of the camera.

Here are some photos Mike took during the seminar!

IMG_2437 IMG_2440 IMG_2437

More Filming

I filmed Daniel & Dawn a couple of days ago at their home in Canterbury. It went really well I think! First I interviewed them and then I filmed them showing me around their house and showed me how they prayed etc. I think I’ve got most of what I need for my film now.

My First Filming!

Yesterday I did my first bit of filming at the Unification Church Sunday service in Bromley. It was quite exciting! I filmed the whole 2h of the service and then did two long interviews with two couples at the service. Bringing everything to over 3h of filming. Soon I plan to film Daniel & Dawn in their home.